I make Mobiles and Stabiles. I also talk a lot. In fact, if you know me personally you’ll know I talk about Mobiles and Stabiles a lot. I am also a lover of wine.  My full-time job as a Sommelier for one of Los Angeles’ top restaurants affords me the opportunity to create these pieces in my spare time.

Why did I tell you the second part? Well shit, I don’t know. You have to know that I’m more than just a guy who likes finding balancing points and bending wire and casting concrete. But the two share a common ground.  They both need balance or they’ll fall to pieces.

I believe we’re all on a mission to find balance in our lives, be it health, happiness, love, sex. I want my pieces to be a compliment to your life, a reminder of how import and necessary balance is, and that you can have it in your life if you spend the time finding your balancing points.

As the pieces of your life twist and spin in and out of orbit of each other, stepping aside for the other, each piece keeping the whole together no matter it’s size or weight, know that everything is in it’s right place, and so are you.  

Joseph G. Salerno